About Guy

When Guy turned 10 years old his babysitter bought him the “Jimi Hendrix Ultimate Experience” and it scared the living shit out of him. But there was something in those songs that reconfigured him on a genetic level, and he developed a need to play the guitar. He purchased his first guitar when he was about 13 years old. He bought a Mexican-made Stratocaster that he had put on lay away. As the years passed he thoroughly enjoyed playing his Strat through his Wah Wah and digital delay pedals as loud as he possibly could. Luckily his parents could not hear so well and he had tolerant neighbors.

At age 24 he moved to Nürnberg at the suggestion of his brother, and found that there was a direct correlation between playing the way he liked to and the police showing up at his door. Realizing that not paying thousands of Euros in fines was preferable to paying thousands of Euros in fines, he gravitated towards the acoustic guitar. With influences that range from Johnny Cash to Funkadelic, he would describe his style as “downright dirty acoustic guitar”. If his 1972 Guild D40 were a human he would almost certainly be serving time for aggravated assault. Guy’s vocal chords and his hands are in a constant struggle to find an aesthetically pleasing balance, but his hands frequently win the battle when it comes to volume.

Guy’s songs can be as deep as his love for his wife and daughter, as political as his disgust with any far right wing ideology or as superficial as Santa Claus’ love of Redbreast Whiskey. At the end of the day he just loves making noises with his mouth and his old box of wood and thoroughly enjoys when he can do it in front of other humans, animals…or all by himself for that matter.


Guy performing


Guy Performing